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Everyone has been asking to see a video of RETROPOL RAPID-CLEAN BRUSH in action.

So click on the video link below to check it out..

I have a small confession to make - I'm a bit of a control freak! Making the video had my stomach in knots because I knew I couldn't control the camera and be using the brush at the same time. My work colleague Jeff voluntered to hold the camera for me & he did a great job - thanks heaps Jeff! (he's the one you can hear giving me directions). I thought I had everything under control, with having the TIG welder set up correctly & everything needed on hand, but for some reason, decided at the last moment before filming to turn the welder amps up a bit. Without looking, I turned the welder up to about 35 amps, when it should have only been set to 15. So this is really a video of what happens when the welder is turned up too high, as can be witnessed by the excessive sparking coming from the brush. At the correct amp setting, this doesn't happen nearly as much... Live & learn hey.

Anyway, here's the video:

retropol video link pic

(28.1 MB) 1:39 MP4 Format.

Here is a photo of the TIG welder being used, and what the amp's setting SHOULD have been during the demonstration video:
tig setting small pic